Cold Weather Workout

I decided I wouldn't let the cold weather stop me from lacing up my sneakers and going out for a run. On a sunny day with 55 degrees temperatures  I took my first ever winter outdoor run. I also thought it would be a great excuse to soak up some rare sunshine in the winter and get some much needed Vitamin D. That was the first time I've ever run outside in the cold so I bundled up with a hat and layers, none of which I needed and I ended up running in a t-shirt to the shocked faces of many people dressed warmly. Running in the cold did make me cough a lot, even long after returning home. I learned that even though my body was hot I think I should wear a neck gaiter next time to keep the cool air off my neck. My fleece jacket was too warm for me, I will just stick with a light long sleeved shirt layered a short sleeve shirt. Did you know you can buy a warm hat with a hole in it for your ponytail? I present the coolest invention ever - toque. Here's an interesting article that says that running in the cold burns slightly more calories because shriving increases your metabolic rate.

If you look at my last winter gym fashion post you'll see a  gorgeous blue jacket that is being sold by Nike for $250. I hesitated purchasing because of the color (not my favorite purple) and how incredibly thin it is. So I'm waiting for some reviews to hit their site of how fabulous the fabric technology is worth the ticket price. Then I was surprised to see that Target and Old Navy sell the same style quilted jacket for $35-45. Even though I want to be open to buying cheaper workout clothes, the reason I time and time again end up not purchasing anything is the lack of colors. I've never worn a black coat because I love bright colors! I went ice-skating with a couple friends recently and one of the girls got separated from us. So we stood on the ice looking for us only to realize that almost everyone had a black coat on so it was hard to find her. I feel that especially in the gloomy winter, I can't wear dreary colors. But for those who love their all black outfits, wanted to share these cute affordable pieces. I do plan on getting those fake leather panel workout pants, probably unpractical but oh well! lol

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