Golden Globes Viewing Party

Award season and my birthday both arrived at the same time so last night I made my apt the best viewing party in town! But first let me recap my birthday weekend in pictures.

pear martini

I went snowtubing days after our first snowfall of the year. While it was freezing, it was like being in a real life snow globe, just so pretty with snow all around!

One of my favorite birthday gifts is this luxurious silk eyemask, both functional and fabulous and perfect for when I'm jetsetting. In the spirit of gifting, I wanted to share this awesome nail polish offer from Zoya. You get 6 nail polish colors for $15! Check out my peacock nails. As I grow a year older I wanted to share some good wisdom I learned from this article.

Sunday I had some friends over to sip Chandon as we watched the red carpet fashion at my Golden Globes Viewing Party.

I love throwing theme parties and for the Golden Globes my inspiration was gold and sparkly. What’s a party without champagne? I had the champagne flowing with these Limited Edition chic winter white Chandon bottles printed with the phrases "The Party Starts Here," "Pour on the Fun" and "I Am the After Party." I served all white jelly beans in three flavors, can you guess which ones? I like the Golden Globes because it's not as formal and stuffy as the Oscars and it's the only show stars can drink at, in fact a few stars got on a stage with their glass of wine. While normally the show is light and fun this year it was a bit political with everything going on around the world, with a  few stars mentioning Paris. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted for the 3rd time and were hilarious. Oprah and Prince made surprise appearances. I served some A-list appetizers including a gorgonzola pear flatbread. I had a blast just chatting it up with friends while watching the show. Here are my favorite looks from the night:

Kelsey Grammar's daughter (top right) was the girl on stage who helped stars walk off, officially known as Ms Golden Globe. I knew something was up with her by her amazing dress and ease touching celebs. Her gown is described as princess-chic  in blush with gold beading.  She said she selected reliable footware that she practiced in so she wouldn't' fall down on stage.

Lupita Nyongo dress got mixed reviews amongst my friends but I loved the purple ombre and loved the risks this dress took. Her purple eyeshadow and toned arms both compliments this dazzling gown. Seems like Naomi Watts is always wearing yellow, but I loved her snake necklace. I really enjoyed the book and movie Wild and appreciated that Reese bought as her date to the Golden Globes the author of the book with her.

Kevin Hart
The color isn't great in this pic, but Amy wore a radiant blue necklace.

I thought it cute how some of the start drank directly from champagne bottles with with a tiny cup attached to it. Then during the show some stars brought their glass on stage with them. lol What I appreciate about the Golden Globes is that it tells me what TV shows are worth watching as I don't watch much TV. It was nice to see George Clooney in attendance with his wife. I was also surprised at how small the auditorium was and that the stars were sitting around dinner tables. Kevin Spacey won for best actor in House of Cards.  The movie Boyhood was the biggest winner, it's a movie filmed over 12 years so that the boys in the film could grow! I definitely want to see Amy Adams film Big Eyes now. I was expecting Poland's "Ida" film to win Best Foreign Film, but it lost. 

ps I changed my blog header, do you like?

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