Winter Bucket List

Joy to the World by Mariah Carey on Grooveshark I spent last week in San Francisco expecting to escape the cold here but to no avail, it was a chilly 50 degrees there! Now that I'm back home I feel I can finally get ready for Christmas! With that comes my winter bucket list! I grew up always having an artificial Christmas tree because it's environmentally friendly plus inexpensive, you use the same tree every year. Now a days artificial trees look almost real and come with the lights already on them to simplify your decorating. To get the Christmas tree scent I use Yankee Candle wall plugs in and this reed diffuser which has the "fresh forest scent of balsam, aromatic cedar wood and juniper".

Tis the Season to Look Hot
For the past three years I've participated in Santarchy. It's a free event that takes place in major cities all over the world involving 100s of people dressed up as Santa running around town as a group amusing passersby. lol  We sing carols and people bring cookies to share. Then end the day bar-hopping or we go to the zoo to see the lights at night. Everyone's super friendly and it's just a jolly old time! This year I dressed up as an elf again

When I was a child I used to take ballet lessons that's why I enjoy seeing the Nutcracker ballet. If you live in San Diego I hope you were lucky enough to see the Men's Chorus version of it. lol I talked about my favorite German Christmas wine Nurnberger Gluhwein here. The next two days I'll talk about healthy eggnog and peppermint hot chocolate.

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  1. absolutely lovely list! I've already done a few ;)

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