Countdown to Christmas!

This whole month I'm just going to talk about indulgences and fun things to get you into the holiday spirit! One tradition of mine is to always have an amaryllis plant and Trader Joes chocolate avant calendar. Never too old for one! lol Everyday I open up a square and get a small piece of chocolate. I'm a cheddar cheese snob and like my cheddar white and extra sharp. Trader Joes makes a Chocolate Cheddar cheese that is delicious! 

I am not a Starbucks person since I don't drink coffee but just wanted to share their advent calendar as well, it's unique because it's reusable. You get different size mini tins that are magnetized on a framed board. You'll find a sweet caramel treat in every tin and one tin contains a $5 Starbucks gift card.  They have them every year.

Speaking of Starbucks gift cards I have a funny story to tell. If you ever happen to find one, don't use it, turn it in and here's why. In order to become a Starbucks gold card member (the elite level of all the cards that takes at least a year to earn) you have to start by using a gift card that is registered to your credit card which is also connected to the app on your phone. A friend of mine lost her card but saw on her phone that not only was someone else using her gift card, that they also refilled her gift card. lol So she decided since they spent her money, she would also drink on their dime through her phone app at the register. lol I don't know who was right or wrong here?

If you looking for a reusable mug to drink your beverages out of, Tervis Tumbler is having a sale today! I wrote about them in this post. Perfect timing for me since I dropped mine today and broke the lid.

To get into the Christmas season I switched out my hand soap and dish soap for Mrs. Meyers Pine scent which smells just like a Christmas tree! She had free shipping today with no minimum so I stocked up on some other scents I like.

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