Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Light up the Season

Baby, It's Cold Outside (feat. Nick Lachey) by Jessica Simpson on GroovesharkOn the shopping list for the Winter Fashion Challenge was a poncho sweater which is something I never would have thought to buy, but I had this outfit on my pinterest fashion board and thought let me give this trend a try. It's been said that you should never wear white after Labor Day but it's also been said over and over again that times have changed and that rule is no longer true. Come winter I love wearing my winter white pants for winter looks! I recently picked up some off-white corduroys that I love. I got my purple poncho sweater from the Limited but it's no longer up on their site but they have a few others to choose from. Old Navy has one too.

One of my favorite desserts are a macarons and I'm not talking about the coconut macaroons with 2 o's. I'm talking about the little pillows with cream in the middle that come in every flavor yet so delicious it's hard to describe! If you're ever in New York City start with the best at Laduree. They fly their macarons in straight from Paris! I once took a baking class on how to make lavender macarons and it's not easy, any slight temperature in your oven can ruin the whole batch. Trader Joe's sells frozen pumpkin macarons that are delicious! I stopped by my favorite macaron shop in town over the weekend and they had eggnog and gingerbread flavored macarons! Plus silver and gold dusted macarons, how pretty is their window display?


  1. I love the poncho!! I makes me think I need one too!! :) And now I am on the lookout for some off white perfect are those! great look! Love all your photos too!

  2. I've been living in my poncho on the weekends!

  3. love the poncho... i need to find one that doesn't overwhelm me.
    I don't think I've ever had a real macaroon. i do love the chocolate coconut ones though :)

  4. I love the color of your poncho, and I think white in winter is so pretty. Real macaroons are so delicious!

  5. Great outfit, Anna! I can't believe I missed that poncho from The Limited (my favorite store).


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