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I wanted to share my experience with the 90 day challenge with ChaLEAN Extreme. I ate between 1500-1800 calories a day, and drank shakeology daily. At the end of the three months my arms and shoulders were so toned! My metabolism was up from the heavy lifting as I noticed my cheat meals did not derail my results. I really enjoyed getting up early everyone morning to work out with Chalene.
ChaLEAN Extreme is a 12 workout dvd set with the focus on weight lifting. You use heavy weights and slow reps to increase your metabolism because muscle burns fat. Chalene is such an awesome motivating coach, I really enjoy working out with her everyday!

ChaLEAN Extreme comes with a specific schedule to follow so that you're not working the same muscles on consecutive days as well as a full color recipe book. The fitness system consists of three different phases; one you do each month so you create muscle confusion by constantly mixing it up. The three phases are called Burn Phase, Push Phase, and Lean Phase; then the fourth month is a mix of all the phases. Chalene has a great personality and gets a boost of energy half way through the workout right when you’re slowing down.

Sample Schedule
Rest Day
Burn Circuit 1
Rest Day
Burn Circuit 2
Burn Intervals
Ab Burner or Extreme Abs
Burn Circuit 3
Burn it Off! &

Burn Phrase
Burn consists of 3 strength training workouts each only about 30 min long doing 10-12 reps of each exercise. The goal is to lift heavy and slow. Then once a week you do Burn Intervals which is your weight training recovery video where you do both cardio such as kickboxing and strength training with light weights. But even though its your recovery day, you do dozens of reps with the light weights! I burned 350 calories with this video according to my heart rate monitor. It also comes with the Ab Burner workout which was killer! 

I used her log to jot down what weights I used in each video so that I will remember for next week to track my progress. You’ll need heavy weights to do this system, I have up to 19 lbs but could go heavier. You can always use free weights, regardless of what fitness system you're using at the moment so it's a good investment to have at home. If you don't have weights right now Chalean Extreme comes with a resistance band that you can do all the videos with which and one person in the video demonstrations the modifications with the band. It also has a thigh toner band that adds extra resistance to some of her moves. I’m pretty fit and thought I could do the same weight as Chalene but found I was pretty weak in my chest and had to lift lighter. Each video had few pushups which I always dreaded!  

These are my neoprene free weights and I love them because they're bright colors and the soft coating is easy on my hands. I've had these for 10 years but I still remember the day they came in the mail, I thought the box must have been too heavy for the poor delivery guy! lol

I've done a lot of exercise videos over the years and am pretty picky about quality. This collection had great set background and no errors from the team of people working out.  It comes with some added bonus dvds such as the instructional video with tips on how to arrange your kitchen which is very helpful! Plus two kickbocking videos from her Turbofire and Turbojam series.

Push Phase
I just finished my second month of Chalean Extreme! I'm a week behind schedule because I took a week off to go on vacation in Panama. Other than that I've never missed a day. The Push Phase has you push yourself harder than before! Chalene's motto is "Go Heavy or Go Home!" In Burn Phase she did 12 reps of each exercise but in the Push Phase she does 8 reps of each exercise and you lift heavier and slooooow! There's less push-ups in his phase,just as I was getting better at them. I was able to do the 30 min lifting videos in the morning before work which just made for a great start to my day! I love working out with Chalene because her moves and fun and challenging, this is definitely my soulmate workout!

  • Push Circuit 1: Biceps, triceps, and squats
  • Push Circuit 2: Shoulders, lats, deadlifts and lunges
  • Push Circuit 3: Chest, back, and sumo squats

Lean Phase
The lean was the most challenging of all! The workouts were longer at 45min. My chest muscles were always sore after doing lean circuit 3.
  • Lean Circuit 1: Biceps
  • Lean Circuit 2: Shoulders, lunges, and pushups
  • Lean Circuit 3: Chest, shoulders, abs and pushups

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