Summer Nail Trends 2024

If you're in the need of some inspo for what to put on your nails this summer, here are the top 8 nail trends for summer 2024! I'm going to give you lots of ideas for dipping your toes into a new color! So what's trending for this summer are the colors butter yellow, tangerine, cobalt blue, neon green, pearly white, aqua, aura and metallic jelly nails. I link to a ton of press-on nail options! But if you stick to pale pink in the summer time, I have a post comparing a bunch of my favorites. 

Butter Yellow 

My hand in Essie - Beeline


OPI - Peelin' Good press-on nails

Essie- Apricot Jelly a deep orange jelly nail polish with black undertones. It's a sheer, yet buildable to opaque, jelly gloss finish so you can get the jelly nail look easily at home.

Essie - Meet Cute Moment a sheer, pinky coral vegan nail polish with red undertones and a glowing gold pearl.

DND - Tangerine Dream gel color

Cobalt Blue 

It's not dark navy, it's a medium blue and looks stunning on hands, so eye catching!

OPI - Dream Come Blue a cobalt blue nail polish that leans purple.

OPI - Rich Girls Po Boys

Neon Green 

Salon Perfect - Va Va Voom I used the polish to paint my nails but they also sell press-on nails in the same color. 

My hand and a better look at the color.

OPI -Beat Goes On press on nails 

Pearly White 

Now you can get that glazed donut look from regular polish!

Orly Sea Spray A white copper shimmer with a golden glow inspired by the fresh mist of salt water on your skin. I tried this on and was really impressed at the color shift that mimicked chrome. 

OPI Pearlcore shiny pearl sheer 

Essie - Iced Out  

A quick dry nail polish with pearly white, duo-chrome color that shifts from pink to purple to teal. I have this holographic polish and it's sheer by itself but you can add this as a topper to any other color nail polish to get that chrome effect!

Essie - Artic Jelly

An icy, soft white jelly nail polish with subtle yellow undertones. It's a sheer, yet buildable to opaque, jelly gloss finish so you can get the jelly nail look easily at home.

Static Nails - Aurora press-ons that have a metallic look to them and color shift with the light.

My mom exclusively wears OPI - Kyoto Pearl which is an opaque, shimmery white satin nail color.

Metallic Jelly Nails 

Reminds you of those jelly shoes from the 80s.


My hand in the purple cat eye that I no longer see on their site.

Chillhouse - Sea Siren - I loved wearing these, the color, shape and length was perfect! It's two shades that swirl on the nail which isn't really apparent in this photo. 

Aqua Nail Colors

 Zoya Neely is a spring green that is cool toned in a glossy cream finish. This is so pretty on my skin tone!

Zoya Emerson is a baby blue that is cool toned with a cream finish.
my hand

Aura Nails

 my aura photo

Inspired by aura photography, these nails feature soft, ethereal gradients that create a beautiful, mystical look. There will be a burst of diffused color or blurred orbs starting from the center of your nail. Since there are no harsh lines—just a soft shift in hue that looks straight out of an aura photograph.

I wore these iridescent jelly aura nails.

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