What Fragrances to buy from the Sephora Sale

Sephora Spring Savings Event starts Friday for Rouge members and April 13th for VIB members.  I absolutely love fragrances and my love for fragrances is growing more and more each day. I'm a fan of switching up your fragrance wardrobe depending on the season. I really enjoy wearing fresh florals during the springtime. Come summer, I wear scents that are lighter and fresher to feel clean on a really hot day. Also keep in mind that a lot of scents will burn off fast because your body heat is making them burn so quickly. 

My fragrance wishlist is never going to end. Once you're in this fragrance game, you're in it for life as you're never really done. There's no exit plan or strategy to get out of this! And it's an expensive hobby.  I'm definitely a fan of buying the smallest size a perfume comes in as I feel I will never get through a whole perfume bottle and it's good to sample before committing to a full size bottle. Above is pictured some of my larger samples. I think people who smell good are automatically more attractive. Have you thought about what fragrance you're going to wear when we come out of lockdown?  If you looking for some new fragrances that leave a stunning scent trail and turn heads, here are my recommendations on what to pick up while it's discounted.

 "The way you smell can make as much as an impression as the way you look." - Tom Ford

Kilian Love Don't Be Shy Extreme

This is my signature scent and comes in three versions, Sephora sells two of them. Rihanna signature scent is said to be Love Don't Be Shy  and if you google you'll find many celebs saying she smelt amazing on the red carpet. I linked to the travel size which I have. That version wasn't my favorite, but it's the brand's best selling perfume and was always sold out last year. I like the Extreme version which is pricey but it added a rose note that makes the scent so much more beautiful to me. I find the Extreme to be a more versatile, sophisticated version of the original. They both smell of marshmallows but the original is more sweeter and was too cloying for me. So I prefer the more rose dominate version of the Extreme as the rose tones down the sweetness.

Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge

The scent will hypnotize you if you are into white floral scents! It also has a sandalwood drydown. It's expensive, but it makes me happy because it's just beautiful. It's a really opulent jasmine, it's bold and daring. It's nice to wear out to dinner or a fancy night out, it puts your outfit together since its a stunning perfume. This is the sexiest jasmine scent you will ever smell! 

Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA' Mini Coffret Set

The set includes five 7ml bottles of some of their most popular fragrances. The bottle will be the size you see in photo above.

Beach Walk is a floral aquatic, suntan lotion scent that smells similar to Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc. It's white flowers over  creamy coconut reminiscent of a salty beach.  

Jazz Club is a leather scent for men. It's supposed to evoke feelings of being in a jazz cabaret in Paris with its tobacco and rum notes.

Lazy Sunday Morning smells like fresh laundry on a sunny day. It has notes of Lily of the Valley.

By the Fireplace their number one selling scent and perfect for fall is a woodsy, boozy vanilla. It's very smoky and unisex.

Bubble Bath is their newest fragrance and is a floral woody musk with lavender. Not at all what I was expecting by the name, but a nice surprise. It has a very prominent coconut note. 

Aerin Honeysuckle

    A beautiful citrus floral, sparkling grapefruit scent. Has notes of honeysuckle, lily-of-the-valley, gardenia and jasmine. It's a fresh, light and airy scent. Try out the mini size.

Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée

People who don't like vanilla scents will be drawn to this.  This is a very different vanilla, this isn't heavy or dense like a cooking vanilla. The lime, vetiver, and oakmoss notes tone down the vanilla. You can wear this year round and to work. The bottle comes in 4 sizes.

NEST New York Indian Jasmine Perfume Oil Rollerball

This was just released last month so it's on my wish list to try. 

Acqua di Parma Peonia Nobile Hair Mist

Yes, perfume for your hair! It has notes of peony, rose, raspberry and freesia. 

HERMÈS Mini Jardin Collection Coffret Set

Of the four scents included I have only tried the Un Jardin sur la Lagune which was released in 2019. It's a floral, salty, woody scent and so unusual! It has understated elegance and creamy florals. It's a light aquatic floral with notes of magnolia and lily with a salty vibe.  

Jo Malone London

Blackberry & Bay Cologne                                                 Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne

These are my two favorite scents from Jo Malone. In full disclosure, Jo Malone scents don't last that long.  

Blackberry and Bay literally smells like bay leaves, it's  not a sweet or floral fruity smell, more earthy and green. It's slightly bitter with notes of grapefruit and cedar. Maybe it should be called tomato leaf instead of blackberry? I love it! 

Mimosa and Cardamom has only three notes: cardamom, mimosa and tonka bean. Mimosa is the yellow flower in the photo which smells a bit powdery.  It's an earthy, warm scent. 

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