Jigsaw Puzzles I Love

Puzzles are my latest quarantine hobby. I started off with 500 pieces then advanced to 1000 pieces.  Did you know that working on a puzzle engages both sides of your brain? It's a great brain exercise as its said to increase cognitive function. My grandmother died of alzheimer's so I'm always thinking of ways to keep my brain active. Working on puzzles increases your mental speed and thought process.  This hobby exercises patience, strategy, and mindfulness. I think it's a great hobby to do at home while you're quarantining as it keeps you productive and creative. 

"According to Ravensburger, the global jigsaw puzzle market leader, sales were up 370% in late-March through April."  Puzzles  helps me to pass the time in a relaxing way. I think it's so important right now to have an activity that you enjoy that boosts your mood. I don't want to watch hours of TV first thing on a Saturday morning. I baked bread once but that was a too high a calorie hobby for me to really get into. I'm not into tie dye. I did a virtual paint night with friends. My mother used to knit, but it was never for me. I kept seeing people I know doing puzzles and now I get why. It's a fun way to pass the time that doesn't involve leaving the house.

I don't do the old style of puzzle - watercolor cottages, I prefer more modern brightly colored ones.  I'm linking to all the puzzles I enjoyed during quarantine with a picture of my finished product:

Houseplant Jungle 1000 pieces

Rainbow Crystals 500 pieces

Capetown 1000 pieces

Paper Paradise 500 pieces

Black Cat 500 pieces

The best investment I bought were these sorting trays that I use to separate pieces of different colors.  So when I'm completing a purple section I have all the purple pieces together. Another tip I learned is when I'm finished I put all the edge pieces in a ziploc bag so I can find them again easily. 

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