Grapefruit Love

I had a fun and relaxing weekend. I went to the Comedy Club, hung out with friends, and spend two days at my pool. I love love the taste of ruby red grapefruit! I order myself a box for Christmas and make grapefruit popsicles in the summertime. I also love anything that smells like grapefruit so here's a list of my favorite grapefruit scented products.

Yes to Grapefruit Paper Mask
Paper facial sheet masks are just gaining popularity in this country, although they are super cheap in Korea and sold everywhere. These sheet masks are formulated with vitamin C to help refine pores while brightening skin. While I’m always look for ways to brighten my complexion up, but I wouldn't say these are made strong enough to fade dark spots. The sheet masks are made from a thin paper-like material and are water based with glycerin and aloe to add moisture so they felt nice on my skin.  If you’ve never used a sheet mask before they are a fun and easy way to treat your skin to instant moisture. For $16 you get 5 masks which comes out to $3 a mask, half the price of Sephora's masks
Yes To Grapefruit Pore Perfection Toning Mist 
I had been looking for a toner and just love the way this smells! You get a mist of grapefruit, kakadu plum, and infusions of vitamin C. It also delivers hydration and helps at setting makeup. 

Pecksniff's England Grapefruit & Citron
My pilates studio had this in the bathroom and it smelt so amazing I had to go out and buy a bottle of my home.
Method Grapefruit Soap is a close second in smell.

Droplet ruby red grapefruit + neroli deep moisture body wash
This is what I'm using in the shower these days and it smells heavenly! 
La Croix Grapefruit Sparkling Water I have a co-worker who is always drinking La Croix during meeting and I was curious what it was since I had never heard of it before. Unfortunately I had to buy a whole case of it at the grocery store, but it was super cheap. This zero calorie carbonated water does not have artificial sugar in it, however the grapefruit flavor is underwhelming.  

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  1. love all things grapefruit so might have to give some of these a try