Peach Picking

Sorry I've neglected my blog for the last couple weeks, first time ever doing that! I had a fun Fourth of July weekend that started off with a White Party, then watched the fireworks on the Capitol lawn, then my friend had a Magic Mike party at her apt to watch the old movie. Later in the week my girlfriends and I  went to see the new Magic Mike and it wasn't as corny! lol The music was really good and lots of eye candy, so I enjoyed the movie! As I've done all year - signing up for a different boutique fitness studio each month, this month I'm going to a studio that has both reformer pilates machine classes and TRX/HIIT workout classes. Since my a/c isn't working too well it's nice to have somewhere else to workout because it's too hot in my living room! Target is running it's annual "Black Friday in July" online promotion for BOGO 50% off clothes which ends today.
We're in peak peach-picking season so I headed out to an orchard and got some fuzzy, vibrant colored, fragrant, juicy bombs of sugar! The farm also had plums, corn, potatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, basil and sunflowers. I thought I saw raspberry bushes but was told those are unripe blackberries which should be ready next week.  Last month I went strawberry picking for the first time, so this was another first for me. Since the biggest peaches were at the top of the trees, I used this handy picking tool to pull them down. I plan on making peach coconut cream popsicles and overnight oats with it. Peaches should be stored at room temperature stem side down. Afterwards we went to a local winery and relaxed from our hard work in the sun.




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  1. So fun!! And great pictures!! I don't do enough of this kind of fun stuff...actually I don't at all. I need too!! Are you headed to the BlogHer conference this weekend??