Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Blanket Scarf

With the cooler weather coming in, it's starting to feel like winter will be here soon. This time of year I get excited about breaking out my scarves as they instantly change the look of any outfit. Remember the third piece rule? Blanket scarves have been around for a few years now but I hadn't added one to my collection yet. Although I think most of us would agree they seem intimidating at first since there's so much fabric to fold. I did a blog post on scarf folding back in 2014, but this is a whole new ball game. KellyintheCity has an excellent diagram on multiple ways to tie a blanket scarf, I use the Classic method. I keep seeing on pinterest that the go to accessory for the season is the comfy blanket scarf so I've rounded up a list below of some affordable ones you can add to your closet. I got mine from the Accessory Concierge but I don't see it anymore on their website. This will make a great gift for friends and family as well.


  1. I just broke out my scarves recently as well! I LOVE scarf season!!! But I do not have a beautiful big and wonderful blanket scarf and I want one. Love your scarf folding post. Thank you for inspiring me! Saving this post to my Pinterest clothing board for sure.

  2. I just got my scarfs out except I am moving to Canada so will need more protection there hehe

  3. Perfect scarf for autumn weather! I can't get enough of the fall fashion!

  4. I LOVE blanket scarves! Warm cozy and they double as a blanket when you go to the movies! Cozy Cozy Cozy!

    xoxo Christie

  5. Great scarves! I really like how comfortable they seem, and how it looks on you! You can probably even use it as a pillow or a blanket! :)

  6. Best time of year is getting to break out the scarfs! Great look!


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