Monday, February 27, 2017

10 Must Have Swimsuits for Summer

With 70 degree weather it's really starting to feel like spring! Seems crazy to not have to wear a coat in Feb. I've started getting excited for my trip to Miami and Jamaica in a few months. I haven't been to Miami in 7 years! I've been working on my swimsuit body for 2 months now. I was really inspired by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition taking a turn this year showing two plus size women in the edition - Ashley Graham and Hunter McGrady. Two size 12 women: Robyn Lawley and Myla Dalbesio. As well as strong athletes like Simone Biles and  Serena Williams, and the age defining Christie Brinkley! This diversity shows a positive body image message for women of all sizes. The woman who has been the swimsuit director for the magazine for 19 years decided to be brave and post her swimsuit pic with her baby on her hip on Instagram. She created a hashtag for women to do the same at #WhatIModel and #LoveYourSwimsuit.

I rounded up 10 swimsuits that I thought would look great on my curvy figure. Swimsuitsforall has gorgeous swimsuits for every style and their website show pics of customers wearing their suits so you can see how it looks on real bodies. They have such pretty and stylish suits with a one shoulder ruffle, or fringe, or a palm print.  Use my link and you'll get 40% off!

I watched Shark Tank last Friday which featured Sand Cloud's boho beach towels and blankets. Ten percent of each sale goes to nonprofits dedicated to the preservation of marine life. They are made of 100% super soft Turkish cotton that is very lightweight. The seaform blue color is so bright and vibrant!

Also check out Zoya nail polish's new spring collection, these pastel colors will be super pretty at the pool or beach. I'm selling some of my swimsuits on Tradesy.


  1. I love your picks for swimsuits. It definitely gets me in the mood for summer! I'd probably pick the one-piece swimwear because that's what I've been into lately.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  2. These picks are so cute! and so flattering! I'm having a baby in May, so I'm REALLLLLY self conscious to get into a bathing suit this summer. I love the white tube suit and the high waisted bikinis. These tan lines are going to be crazy, but it's better to have crazy tan lines than to be sweaty, miserable, and covered up on the beach!

  3. The two white ones are my fave! The magenta one is cool but I would be so horrified about a boob slip. I don't think I would have enough to fill that in as beautifully as this model. haha.

  4. I love your swimsuit picks! I've been searching everywhere for a new swimsuit, so I'll have to check these ones out! This post came at the perfect time!

  5. I can't wait for the summer! Love those swimsuits! It would be perfect this coming summer.

  6. I love the purple one at the bottom left! Can't wait for sumer!


  7. I can't wait for summer weather and swimsuits! I love each of these picks.

  8. I can't wait for warm, sunny days!! These swimsuits are all so cute, I think my fave has to be the white one! I like the style and the see through bits. They'll be perfect for Miami and Jamaica!

    Meaghan xx

  9. I love that řth one on the right with green and white! Makes me want to go to the beach so bad!

  10. I am so ready for Summer! The purple swimsuit is my favorite!

    Amanda ||


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