My Visit to Kate Spade

I went to an event at the Kate Spade store with a group of local bloggers - the Bubbles & Bloggers.  Starting in college, for many years I only rocked Kate Spade bags.  The original owner Kate Spade has since changed her name and sold her company 10 years ago to Liz Claiborne Inc. They still carry beautiful feminine bags in gorgeous colors like the ridley street blanca and floral patterns. What I really like about Kate Spade is that they don't take themselves too seriously so you can find quirky bags with pink flamingos, monkeys, pigs, dinosaurs or rabbit in the hat purse. They also have a line of home decor items that are very chic with gold dots. Their jewelry is very sparkly and they have whimsical key rings. It's a fun brand with fancy dresses and girly shoes with sequin or bows on them. Yes their prices are high but they have lots of sales. The store greets you with neon signs telling you to be happy. 

I love the green Satin Crepe Flutter Sleeve Dress! It also comes in white and black and is on sale now for $279.

Kate Spade makes a stylish Smart Watch that connects to your phone linking through their app. It's slightly thicker than a regular watch and doesn't have a computer screen like an apple watch. No one will ever guess it's a smart watch looking at it. The 12 o'clock is represented with a Kate Spade logo and six o'clock has two champagne glasses. A cluster of crystals above the glasses are combined with a moon. It's compatible with android and iphones. You can put your phone on a shelf, stand back and take a selfie by pushing the button on your phone. When your mom calls the phone's hands will move to one so you know its her calling without having to look at your phone. It can track your sleep, your steps and be your alarm clock. The bottom button will enable you to control music on your phone. It will also countdown to important days and cheer you on when you've consistently hit personal targets each day. It very feminine looking and comes in 4 colors: pink, navy, black and silver for $250.

pink rhinestone monkey ring $98; they also have a flying pig, pink unicorn and purple dinosaur ring

cell phone cases

dinosaur purses


  1. This looks like an amazing day of shopping. They have so many things in my favorite color right now (teal), I might have to find my nearest Kate Spade!

  2. This looks like so much fun! Loooove all things Kate Spade.

    Alix |

  3. Love Kate Spade, this looks like it was a lot of fun!