Summer Workwear

It finally feels like summer here and the humidity has kicked in early! By now I'm sure you've gone through your closet to see what you can wear this season, what no longer fits, and what you no longer feel like wearing. And if you're like me, that means there's not much left to wear! lol So I put a few things up for sale on Tradesy, it's an online consignment store. I have so many fun weekend clothes, but not much I feel is stylish for work so I went shopping. 

In the top row, the first three dresses are from Kate Spade. I love the "jardin" print! it comes in several dress styles, a romper, several bag styles, a scarf, skirt, blouse, shorts and a phone case. The blue dress and peacock dress are on sale! 

In the summertime I love wearing pastel pink nail polish and mauve pale pink clothing. I've shared a couple pink dresses, blazer, blouse and Kate Spade bag that you can find in a pretty shade of pink. 

I've noticed in stores that stripes are really in trend right now. The great thing about wearing a striped dress or shirt is that in your air-conditioned office you can pair it with a jeweled colored cardigan like emerald or royal purple. Together the colors will pop!

The sleeveless navy ponte sheath dress in the 2nd row is from Lands'End. They make this same dress every year in different colors. I love this dress because it's washable, doesn't need to be ironed and has pockets. It's a perfect work staple! It comes in a range of colors, prints and plus sizes. Chico's makes the pull-on slimming crops pants and the kelly green linen side slit tunic.

You can never go wrong with a pair of espadrilles wedge heels. Click on the images below to go to the item.


  1. I have that Kate Spade bag and love it !!! IT is the perfect work bag :)

  2. I do a lot of sundresses with sweaters or camis and sweaters during the summer. That way I can look professional, but not overheat when I'm going to or from work or walking at lunch.

  3. I love a good flat for work in the summer months...anything to keep me cool

  4. I just started a new job - it's like you wrote this for me!! haha thank you!! xx