Millennial Pink Workout Clothes

Have you heard of Millennial Pink? It's not just one shade of pink, it a range of light pinks from rose quartz, to blush, to rose gold. It's a muted barbie pink so it could be a pink between beige and peach. My favorite summer pink nail polish colors cover this spectrum. It may be the new trending color, but I've been a fan of this shade for years. However it's so hard to find serious running shoes in this color and tank tops. Why is that?

For the summer, I decided I really want to wear pink and white to my fitness classes. I've been wanting to wear white workout pants for years but had been putting it off thinking I have to wait until I'm thin. Well I decided to stop the waiting game and just embrace my size. Earlier this year lululemon released an entire white collection and it got me thinking about it again. Then I read this popsugar article that did a field test of how white workout gear holds up during a sweaty workout. That convinced me to take the plunge and bought the same crop pants the writer is wearing (which is unfortunately sold out now). I also bought the Mind Over Miles Tight. I'm so used to buying my running tights with a draw string to hold them up, but these really stay up without one! Athleta makes a pair of white tights for yoga.

I wanted to share some loose fitting light pink tank tops that I've found to go with these awesome white tights.  Nike's Tomboy tank have been my ultimate favorite tank that I own in several colors. I have been having a heck of a time finding others that aren't semi-sheer so the search continues.

Graphic Tanks
Rose All Day
Spiritual Gangster
Converse All Star

Plain tanks
Nike Dry Running Tank
Carrie Underwood

Sneakers - Top Row
Asics and Nike Tanjun

Sneakers - Bottom Row
Nike Presto comes in 2 shades of pink. JCrew made a pair with New Balance that are adorable.

Sneakers not pictured:
APL from Oprah's favorites list

Floral Water Bottle
Palm Water Bottle


  1. I really can't deal with the white pants thing, but I am so on board with the pink shoes! I really love rose gold as well.

  2. I am loving this color trend! Which millenial pink color is your favorite? xo, Suzanne

  3. I love all these cutesy pink pieces. I especially love the combo pink and white and I love the shoes. I like pink with gray too.

  4. I've never been a pink fan, but these newer shades are definitely something I can get with.

  5. I love pink! Not necessarily for my clothes but in general I love it. These are so cute!