Jen's Bridal Shower

I recently hosted a bridal shower for my friend Jen whom I've known for 6 years. It brought her friends together to one place to share fun stories and we all had a fabulous time.  I made it a gold theme since that's the colors her bridemaids will be wearing. The other bridemaids and I made the brunch spread of quiche, fruit, bagels, cupcakes and my french toast casserole.

The drink station included a delicious mimosa made of fresh strawberry puree and we kept the champagne continuously flowing! I added glitter to the champagne bottles for a fun look, instructions here. The other container is passion iced tea.

I surprised the bride by creating a video of her fiance answering the same questions I asked of her to see if their answers matched and that got a lot of laughs!

The bride to be got her makeup professionally done and looked glowing and had a wonderful time.

If you saw Kevin Hart's movie The Wedding Ringer and wish there was really something for women, well you're in luck there is! lol You can get a bridesmaid for hire, story here.


  1. we did the question game at my shower too! so fun - they made me eat a piece of gum for every answer that didn't match... I had the grossest wad of gum in my mouth by the end and was drooling everywhere lol
    you both look lovely!

    1. I heard about that idea but totally forgot to do that!

  2. Super cute bridal shower! I love the decked out champagne bottles :) Mimosas are always a delicious <3 Have a great one Anna! Pleasure briefly meeting you at the DC Bloggers mixer! -Iva