Four Ways to wear a Striped Skirt

This skirt has been literally everywhere for the past few years. Different stores release their own version each year, last year J.Crew's navy and white version was super popular. Right you can find one here, or here, or here, or this one. I used the stylebook app which I've raved about on this blog as my favorite way to keep my wardrobe organized to create outfits and get the most out of my wardrobe. It makes dressing for work easier because I schedule my work wardrobe a month in advance so I have no repeats each month at work which is important when you have memorable statement piece like this bold striped skirt. I won't remember how often I wear it, but I'm sure my co-workers are thinking "oh there's that skirt again." lol So on the calendar feature of the app I've pre-scheduled what days I will be wearing this skirt for the next few months in one of these outfits I created from my closet. I remember years ago I owned another black and white zebra skirt and only wore it with a purple shirt because I always thought pairing it with a white or a black shirt was just boring. So once again I paired up colorful combos, here's four ways to wear a striped skirt.


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