Books I Read in 2022


I read 11 books this year and I just purchased Audiobooks Black Friday sale deal so I will get one book a month for $10. I love listening to memoirs spoken by the author. 

5 Star Reviews

The Golden Couple - A thriller written by two mystery authors that was an engaging slow burn until the end. The story is about an unlicensed therapist who tries to save the marriage of a wealthy couple, the golden couple. The therapist implements her controversial 10-session method of rogue psychology. Unbeknownst to the couple, she follows them and snoops around their Washington, D.C. neighborhood to find out what they're not telling her. There are a lot of red herrings which keeps the suspense going.

All Good People Here - I've been an avid listener of the Crime Junkie podcast for years and one of the hosts wrote a mystery novel. A lot of the reviews are upset that it resembles the Jon Benet case but I really enjoyed the book and its twists.

Finding Me - Memoir read by Viola Davis who is one of the best actors of this generation and has won multiple awards in acting including winning both an Oscar and an Emmy. She's best known for her work in the films Fences, The Help; and the TV shows Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and The First Lady (Michelle Obama). I can't wait to see her new film The Woman King. The book details things she endured as a kid being raised in poverty and the the colorism she experienced in the acting world. She was born in 1965 but with what she experiences you would have thought this happened many years ago. 

The Paris Library - historical faction that takes place in the American Library in Paris during WWII. The story of the American librarian, Miss Reeder, who created the Soldiers’ Service to deliver books to servicemen, and who later faced the Nazi ‘Book Protector’ in order to keep her library open. She and her colleagues defied the Bibliotheksschutz by delivering books to Jewish readers after they were forbidden from entering the library.

Speak - My favorite peloton instructor. I first heard about her before I had my peloton when she did her Speak ride for BLM. I really enjoyed hearing her life story and outlook on life. You don't need to be a peloton rider to enjoy this book  as its incredibly motivating! I gave this book to my mother after I read it and she loved it too! I only wish the book had some pictures of her life.

The Sum of Us - I heard the author speak at a conference so I had to read her book. An excellent book that takes you through the history of how economic policies affect African-Americans. I listened to the audiobook and all the personal stories were eye-opening! She explains how racism hurts everyone in America from education, health care, housing policy, residential segregation, unions, and the
environment. It's one of the best books I've read about race.

Rock Paper Scissors - I read a lot of cheesy thrillers, but this one was not. There were so many unexpected twists and turns, it kept me engaged. Each chapter is really short and always ends on a cliff hanger while they switch to the next character's chapter. The way the information is presented and later revealed, is very clever. You know something is going on, but just can't quite put your finger on it. With every chapter I got more and more enthralled in the book. You think you have the book figured out but then you're surprised. It was a very fast-paced book. Since the book is set during a snow storm, this is a perfect winter read.

4 Star Reviews

One Italian Summer - The concept for the book was super cool! Katie at age 30, her mother just died right before they were supposed to take a trip together to Italy to visit Positano where her mother vacationed before Katie was born. Katie decides to still take the trip and guess who she runs into in Italy? Her mom at age 30! Her mom of course doesn't know its her daughter and Katie gets to know her mom in a different way. The descriptions really make you feel like you're in Italy as the author gives you a very immersive view of everything.  It's a short book and super fast paced! 

Sankofa - A story about Anna, a woman in her 50s born to a white mother in London and a Black father she has never met. When her mother dies she searches for her father to discover he's the President of a fictional West African country. Like the mythical bird Sankofa, Anna sets off to discover her roots and identity. Anna's mixed-race identity is used to explore issues around race.

Didn't Like

I'm Glad My Mom Died 
Jennette McCurdy is child nickelodeon star that I had never heard of. This book ranked #1 on the NYT bestsellers list and I only read it for a bookclub. It's a tragic memoir filled with trauma and abuse in various forms. She reads the book with her dry, dark humor  and I was floored by what she went through. It was a lot to digest. 

My Body
Emily Ratajkowski is famous for posing nude, a lot. I listened to her read the audiobook and it was done in a depressive monotone voice. I almost quit half way through because I was bored. She’s sounds bored reading. So basically we have a woman who practically became the poster child of objectification, has made millions because of the male gaze, and allowed herself to be reduced to a sex object— now has a problem with the sexual objectification of women in the media. The woman is overly fixated on public perception, and this seems more like an attempt to be rebranded. She desperately wants to be seen as an underdog, but comes off incredibly self absorbed and out of touch. It’s useful to know that it’s more of a non-linear memoir, rather an essay collection exploring different subjects with occasional personal anecdotes. She doesn't show her husband in a good light in this book, so no surprise she has recently announced their split. The most/only interesting part was about Miranda Kerr being a yacht girl.

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