How to wear a Faux Fur vest

Faux fur is a chic statement piece for the winter as it will make any outfit look glamorous. Since it's the star of your outfit,  what you wear underneath it should be understated to not compete with the fur.  It pairs well with a long sleeved knee length dress, or a  maxi skirt, sweater dress, leather pants, a button down white shirt, or just a blouse and jeans. You can wear it with your most dressed up outfits or casual day looks. Perfect for days that aren't too cold but you still get a little cozy warmth from the vest. Don't worry you're not going to look silly in it. You don't have to be a celebrity jumping out a limo to wear a fur vest. It goes great with casual weekend styles.

This multi-colored vest was inspired by my mother who asked me to find her a multicolored fur. When I found this one I had to keep it for myself. I get so many looks when I wear it. It's one of the season's biggest trends and it's a perfect transition piece between seasons. 

The only time I wouldn't recommend a fur vest is if it's heart shaped. This $15,500 massive Saint Laurent fox fur coat has been worn by a handful of celebs. This is a definite no.

If you're scared to go full on fur, you could just stick with a fur scarf which I see popping up in a lot of stores.

However, if after reading this you're decided you're ready to go bold, this navy fur coat from Zara is a must have! This was another inspiration from my mother. She said she was also looking for a blue fur coat and I said "what do you want to look like cookie monster?" lol I saw this coat in Zara and loved it and immediately called her at home and told her to rush to the store to see it because they were having a one day Black Friday sale. I think the color is more Grover. The coat is absolutely stunning! Last week I saw a man on the subway wearing it, I recognized it immediately.

It's called a short fur which reminded me of this black coat North West wore.

Fur has no age limit, check out badass Baddie Winkle, I love her style!

Do you wear faux fur? 


  1. I love faux fur vests. It’s my favorite new look of the season! The fur scarf is a great alternative.

  2. I love how you wore the vest with an all black outfit. It really pops that way.

  3. The fur vest is fun. Haven't tried wearing one but definitely would want to!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  4. I love faux fur vests and/or jackets. I'm not going to lie, I would totally rock that heart shaped faux fur jacket!

  5. Love a fur vest faux or real, the blue is gorgeous!

  6. My friends keep sending me pics of Baddie Winkle! Love her style!