Summer Olympics

I've been staying up late watching all the Olympic coverage, no surprise if you read all my posts from the Winter Olympics two years ago. My favorite sports are the Beach Volleyball, Swimming, and Diving because I used to be on a swim team as a kid.

Michael Phelps has already won 23 Olympic gold medals! Here's an interesting article on his life story, chaotic relationship with his coach, broken family, DUIs, and contemplation of suicide. Now his net worth is estimated at $55 million. Right before one of his races as he was putting on his swim cap it snapped and broke! Luckily his teammate lent him his hat. You've probably noticed all the cupping marks on his back, he's a fan of acupuncture like myself.

His teammate Ryan Lochte, unfortunately, got robbed at gunpoint in Rio. He dyed his hair gray for the Olympics but the pool water turned it a shade of green. Oddly enough one of the Olympic pools mysteriously turned a shade of green overnight! They blamed it algae and not enough chemicals in the water. After making the divers compete in it, they finally drained the pool of 1 million gallons of water.  In the Olympic village the most popular app being used is Tinder! The app had a HUGE surge of users! lol Ryan Lochte being one person spotted on the app, even though his girlfriend is there too, ummmm.....

Simone Manuel became the first black female swimmer to win an Olympic gold. It was also the first time two black female athletes (Lia Neal) were chosen to be on the American swim team at the same time.  This is significant because a "disproportionate number of African-American children cannot swim - USA Swimming puts the figure at 70%." BBC

As a tennis player, I was interested in seeing the tennis matches. Serena Williams  lost her chance to win a medal at these Olympics losing three matches. I read soccer goalie Hope Solo's memoir last year and she's no stranger to controversy. After the woman's soccer team lost their game and chance at a medal, she once again showed what a sore loser she is by saying, "We played a bunch of cowards, the better team did not win."

There was one feel good story that came out of the Olympics. A woman was chatting with her uber driver in Philadelphia and found out his son was competing in the Olympics but he couldn't afford to go to watch him. She set up a gofundme account for him and raised $8200!

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas is sadly once again being criticized for her hair by other black women on social media. This happened to her at the London Olympics too. Training for hours, it's impossible for a black woman's hair to look perfect. This double standard for women to look good while they excel at sports is impossible.If you have netflix, check out her bio-pic movie. One of the Italian gymnasts made a racist remark saying, "Maybe next time we'll paint our skin black so we can win."

Every Olympics I've noticed the same thing about the Opening Ceremony, the Americans come out with their cellphones to record the audience. I wish they would just be in the moment and enjoy it. This is being filmed for them. What caught everyone's attention was the athlete from Tonga who came out oiled up.

Off topic but I saw the movie Suicide Squad this weekend starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto. It's an anti-super hero movie that is dark and twisted but I really enjoyed it. While not something I would have picked out myself to see, but it was fun to see the villains in Gotham. Make sure you sit through the credits because there's a scene after it.


  1. Great info! I love the Summer Olympics and have been following along pretty religiously but I didn't know about some of the controversy and remarks you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I used to swim too so in my house we are obsessed with the swimming events too. I love reading gossipy stuff so hearing about Tinder use is so interesting. :-)

  3. I hate how Gabby is constantly scrutinized. How can you possibly be tumbling and have perfect hair? I don't think it's possible for anyone.

  4. I've been staying up late watching too. I'm obsessed with swim and gymnastics.