Wentworth – the Australian version prison show

I just finished up Season 3 of Orange is the New Black and after doing so each year I then always watch Wentworth, the Aussie TV show based in a woman's prison. There's now 4 seasons of Wentworth on Netflix, I just started season 3. Wentworth is the grittier version of OITNB. The show follows the main character Bea Smith (redhead in the middle), the newest prisoner who is in prison awaiting trial for the attempted murder of her husband, who must learn to deal with the top-dog prisoners. What happens in the prison ends up affecting what happens to their family outside the prison which is dirty. The lives of the guards are also shown with plenty of drama. Like OITNB, there is also a transgender character who becomes a key figure. The inmates get a new governor who really makes their lives miserable. The show has drug-smuggling, violence, a prison escape, and much more. Most of the scenes are dark, filmed in low lighting. I love the Australian accents, but sometimes miss what they are saying. I highly recommend watching this show!

If you've finished OITNB can we talk about it for a bit? Spoilers ahead. I was surprised they went the whole season without Daya ever mentioning her baby. The show took on some political issues this season parallels to the Black Lives Matter moment, discussing mental health, prison overcrowding, a Martha Stewart celebrity like character, and so much more. Did you see Poussay walk by the guard on the street? See the flashback was to show how making small decisions can end up with a large consequence and how two people can do the same thing but have different endings. Most of the prisoners on this show committed small, petty crimes but are in prison when they probably shouldn't be. I think Poussay used Lolly's time machine to fix the mistake that got her arrested. And since she lived in her fictional world of the library, it would make sense for her to take some magical adventures after leaving her body. I thought it closed the episode nicely seeing her smiling and that she lived a happy full life.

While I'm sort of on a prison fix, sounds weird lol, I just finished Teresa Giudice’s book: "Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again." It’s her memoir and experience in prison, the same one Piper Kerman from OITNB went to. It got horrible reviews on amazon, but I didn't think it was that bad. It wasn't as good as the book Orange is the New Black. A third of the book is about her childhood and then she takes no responsibility for why she's in prison. It was an interesting peek into what life is like in a minimum security woman's prison.

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