Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Have you been wanting to try out Shakeology?

I have individual packets of chocolate shakeology available for $5! I’ll be happy to send you a packet, but I just ask one favor, please click here. This gives you a free Team Beachbody account and access to several cool on-line tools. I can then also include you in other product samples and email updates I send to my customers. Once you sign up I'll email you my paypal link.You can mix this with cold water and it will taste great. But if you are heading into a work out or want to use as a meal replacement, try one of these recipes!

Check out this awesome video by P90x creator Tony Horton. I used to drink the other bag he's holding on the right and I have to say Shakeology not only tastes better it blows the other brand out of the water with its ingredient list! You can read more about shakeology here and here.

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